Day Twenty – The Desert is Hot

Day Twenty – The Desert is Hot
19th September, 2012

We had planned to get up early and catch the bus across from our hotel to see the sights of Vegas, but somehow we slept til 10am and didn’t leave our room until 11am. It was damn hot outside. Today was probably the hottest day we have had on tour so far. Paul crossed the Brooklyn Bridge out the front of the NYNY Hotel and tried to recreate his photo from the real bridge that links Manhattan to Brooklyn in New York.

We crossed the road via the pedestrian bridge to the MGM casino side and got 24 hour tickets to the bus which runs up and down the strip. Vegas is funny because when you look at a map of the strip, you think you’ll be right to walk from one end to the other, but 4 seconds into your trek you think…. ‘f**k this!’. We hopped on the express bus and got off at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. This is the tallest building on the strip and has a viewing platform at the top so we went up and had a look. The views were great and we could see the whole of Vegas and the mountains in the distance. Pretty scary looking straight down (the windows are on an angle allowing you to look below). We went up one more floor to the open air viewing area which also has some ridiculous thrill rides. There was one that was shaped like a claw which extends out over the edge of the building and spins around. There was another which is like a free fall bungy jump to the ground floor which Paul would have done if Bron did it too. He said this knowing (and hoping) she would not do it as he didn’t want to do it either. Again,….. ‘f**k that!’.

We jumped back on the bus and decided to head back to the hotel pool and swim with some frozen cocktails until later in the day when it cooled down. After a pretty full on schedule over the last 3 weeks, it was good to just relax with drink in hand and enjoy doing nothing.

We showered and then caught the bus a few stops up the strip to The Bellagio which is a very nice and classy looking hotel/casino. Most of the hotels on the strip have a gimmick but The Bellagio just seems more up-scale (and probably more expensive). Every 15 minutes there is a dancing water fountain show with lights and music. We waited by the edge of the water and watched the water shoot up in the air and dance in time to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it was impressive!

When this finished, we headed across the road to the Cabo Wabo Cantina which is a Mexican style bar/restaurant founded by one of Paul’s favourite rock stars, Sammy Hagar. We had a table outside on the verandah overlooking the Bellagio’s water fountain which was cool. Bron had the fish tacos and Paul had the steak fajitas. Very tasty. The Corona’s were going down a little too easily as well!


Paul got a few beers ‘to go’ and we strolled the streets for a while and looked at the shops in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile. It was nice to go for a stroll and get amongst the bright lights of Vegas. The night time is when the city really comes alive. It’s a bit reminiscent of New York’s Times Square, only a lot bigger, sleazier and ‘gamblier’. Still, it’s a fun place to visit and get lost in the craziness for a few days.



2 thoughts on “Day Twenty – The Desert is Hot

  1. You guys are really having a great time and seeing lots of stuff .Hope you are not going to come back with an American twang in your voices, just joking. Luv Mum

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